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Claverham Community College

Claverham Community College


Friday 26th May Week 1

All Years

  • A reminder to all students that jumpers are not compulsory items of uniform and do not need to be worn, especially during periods of warm weather. Due to the every warm weather expected today and tomorrow students will not be required to wear their blazers, all other uniform expectations remain as normal.
  • Please remember to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water during periods of warm weather. Please bring a drink bottle to school with you which you can then refill at break or lunchtime.
  • ‘Bricks out of the blue! At the end of term Mr Siberry and Mr Trangmar will be competing in a 300m race. This is your chance to weigh them down! For every £10 donated to Mr Siberry, Mr Trangmar will have to carry a brick during the race. For every £10 donated to Mr Trangmar, Mr Siberry will have to carry a brick during the race. All money raised will go to mental health charities!’
  • Lost property is available to view at break and lunchtime this week in the finance office. All items left at the end of term will be disposed of.
  • Confiscated items slips are in the registers. You can collect items at break and lunch time from the finance office, please bring your slip with you when you collect. Uncollected items may be disposed of.
  • Auditions for the lead roles in ‘School of Rock’ will be held in the first week back after half term. Materials to learn for the audition are available from Mrs Graham Friday lunchtime in room 23. Rehearsal will run as usual Friday lunchtime.
  • WILL YOU HELP CLAVERHAM JOIN THE PARADE?- (Battle Town Carnival/ parade 24th June- in partnership with local “Out of the Blue” charity, and “Dragonflies” child bereavement support) please see Mrs Nekounam for a letter and details. We have free hats and sunglasses to give out to prompt permission slip returners who also turn up on the day. Battle Bonfire Boyes also have slots for dancers/ singers to perform in the Arena and need a carnival King, Queen, Prince and Princess 13 years old or under to go on the main float.
  • The library will only be open at lunch time today. It will be closed at break and in lesson times unless you have been told your lesson will be held in the library today.

Year 11

  • ROOM CHANGE : Mr Sheppard’s T20 go to room 44 for registration.
  • ROOM CHANGE : Miss Hardy’s S59 go to room 47 for registration.
  • ROOM CHANGE : Mrs Swatton’s 11v/Bs go to room 35 Period 1.
  • ROOM CHANGE : Miss Hardy’s 11-/En3 go to room 53 Period 5.
  • ROOM CHANGE : Miss Hardy’s 8h/En2 go to room 54 Period 6.
  • Mrs Parmenter’s after school revision is cancelled today.

Year 10

  • ROOM CHANGE : Miss Hardy’s 10-/En5 go to room 54 Period 1.
  • ROOM CHANGE : Mr Macdonald’s 10-/Ph1 go to room 12 Period 2.
  • ROOM CHANGE : Mrs Piper’s 10-/Ma2 go to room 10 Period 3.
  • ROOM CHANGE : Mr Sheppard’s 10-/Ma8 go to room 17 Period 3.
  • ROOM CHANGE : Mr Trangmar’s 10-/Ma5 go to room 50 Period 3.
  • ROOM CHANGE : Mr Vincent’s 10-/Ma7 go to room 52 Period 3.
  • BEXHILL COLLEGE TASTER DAY – Online registration is OPEN now! To register please go to or alternatively go to the Bexhill College website and click on the Taster Day notice on the front page. More information on how to register is also available on the VLE site under Careers! Deadline for registrations will be on Friday 9 June 2017.
  • Futsal club Friday lunchtime with Mr Palmer year 9 and 10.

Year 9

  • ROOM CHANGE : Mrs Pitman’s 9-/Sc8 go to room 32 Period 1.
  • ROOM CHANGE: Mr Shaw’s Science 8t5 to room 33 Period 3 please
  • ROOM CHANGE: Mr Shaw’s Science 8W1 to room 24 Period 5 please
  • Futsal club Friday lunchtime with Mr Palmer year 9 and 10.

Year 8

Year 7

  • ROOM CHANGE : Mr Sheppard’s 7w/Ma2 go to room 9 Period 1.
  • If you have returned a reply slip for the Port Lympne trip but have not yet paid for the trip please get your parents to pay with a cheque or via ParentPay asap.