Year 6 Open Evening – Thursday 5th October – Starts at 6 pm

Please click here for the Year 6 Open Morning dates – Open Mornings start at 9:15am and places must be booked with the college reception.


Claverham Community College

Claverham Community College

College Rules

The promotion of self-esteem, self-discipline, a proper regard for authority and positive relationships based on mutual respect are central to the ethos of the College. In order that pupils derive maximum benefit from their school life, the College must be an orderly community. For this reason, we have certain rules of behaviour which must be obeyed. Pupils who fail to comply with these rules may be subject to a range of sanctions up to and including exclusion from the College.

  1. Pupils are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible and respectful manner at all times whether on or off College premises. So pupils must not cause injury or distress to other people, using inappropriate language, damage property, harm the reputation of the College, or interfere in any way with other pupils’ right to learn. Pupils must follow instructions from members of staff. Any incident occurring on the College premises at any time must be reported to a member of staff immediately.
  2. All pupils must attend school; 100% attendance is the expectation. When a pupil is absent or late, the reason must be communicated to the College by 0930 on the first day via text or e-mail. When a pupil needs to leave during the day this must be covered by an explanatory letter.
  3. All pupils are expected to attend College in full College uniform correctly worn. All articles of clothing and other possessions must be marked clearly with the owner’s name.
  4. Girls must not wear jewellery except one very small stud in each ear lobe. Make-up is not permitted including nail varnish or false nails. Boys must not wear jewellery or make-up of any kind.
  5. Boys’ hair must be, tidy and free of all styling agents. Hair must be off the face and of a conventional style and colour. There should be no dramatic difference in length between the sides and top. Hair should be above the collar and not less than a grade 3 cut. Boys must be clean shaven. Girls’ hair must be of a conventional style and one natural colour, free of all styling agents and off the face. Hair extensions are not allowed. There should be no dramatic differences in length.
  6. Pupils must not smoke, or carry matches, lighters, tobacco, e-cigarettes, alcohol or any other illegal substance. Pupils must not carry knives, fireworks, aerosols, or any articles which, in the opinion of the Principal, constitute a danger to others.
  7. Pupils must not carry medicines. If there is a medical need for these, then they must be handed to Reception for safe keeping. However, pupils who need to use Ventolin, similar inhalers, or EpiPens, must carry these at all times but must report the fact to Reception. There may be occasions when pupils may need to remind staff of their medical problems.
  8. Pupils are not allowed to bring mobile phones (smart watches) to the College. If a pupil needs to phone home they are to use a phone at reception, via their Heads of House or their Pastoral Office.
  9. Pupils must not bring personal music players, computer games, or any other articles of value into the College. Monies must not be left in pockets or unattended bags. Neither the College nor the Local Authority can be held responsible for any articles of personal property which are damaged, mislaid or lost on the premises.
  10. Any items brought into the College which are contrary to the College rules will be confiscated. Items confiscated will be returned at the end of the College term, where appropriate, to a parent or guardian.
  11. Pupils must remain on the College premises in designated areas throughout the day unless they have obtained written permission to the contrary from their Head of House. Pupils must not eat in any room or other part of the College except those designated for that purpose. Pupils must not bring chewing gum on to the premises.
  12. Pupils participate in all lessons. Exemption from Physical Education will only be granted for genuine medical conditions supported by an explanatory letter.
  13. Cycles and motorcycles may only be brought to the College by permission of the Principal, entirely at the risk of the owner. They must not be ridden on College premises.
  14. The parents or guardians of pupils who wilfully damage College property of any kind or who lose books and equipment loaned to them are liable to be held financially responsible.
  15. After school detentions are a normal part of the College disciplinary structure. It is the responsibility of parents to arrange transport home for their children. Only a parent may re-arrange detentions with the College, not a pupil.